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Hotspot Design, An Italian based clothing company making clothing for anglers, but on inspection of the clothing I think there is a much wider audience, its snazzy, modern look would see most people where this clothing if not on the banks but on nights out also.

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About Hotspot Design:

Hotspot Design is born from a deep fishing passion of its founders who, thanks to their creative abilities and their experience in the garment field, were able to become a leading company in the fishing clothing market.
Hotspot Design is manufacturing unique and original products, all characterized by the Italian design (protected by copyright), by high quality garment and by the most modern printing techniques. All the products have been thought, designed, planned and produced with meticulous care in each detail.All these key factors were able to recognize HOTSPOT brand as a successful industrial reality.

We are aware that a garment choice is determined by its pleasant tactile feeling.

We have some slogan who identify our company concept:



-          ANGLER’S MIND

All our products are normally characterized by a trendy line with modern cut. We are speaking about technical and outdoor products who are not only suitable for fishing sessions but they could be dressed everywhere and every day with nothing to envy to the most famous fashion brands.


We pay particular attention in choosing high quality material and monitoring manufacturing process and testing the products quality.

All our products meet all government safety and quality standards, they respect the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 regulations. “Oeko-Tex standard 100″ is an international, normative document, published by the International Association for research and Testing in the field of Textile Ecology (Oeko-tex / Öko-Tex). The Oeko-Tex system guarantees that all tested and certified textile products are free from harmful substances that may be injurious to human health. For further information please visit:


We strive to create and develop innovative methods for printing to deliver top-notch apparel. Pictures are not giving right justice to our products as it is not possible to show garment quality and the applied production techniques. There are several features who make our products unique and of appreciated manufacture, we apply the most modern printing techniques, like embossment, glitter, laminated, flocking, cracking ink, gloss, metallic, phosphorescent, and many more. Each product has its own characteristics and you can find a “Technical Specification” form with detailed info for each item. All our prints are created with high quality and eco-friendly inks.


One of the reasons of our success is the creativity, style and the intuitions to grasp the new trends by our design office. Of course at the base there is a deep fishing passion, in all disciplines, and the design process is very often improvised and created from passion and emotions. But then each idea follows a binding path in which it is evaluated from the point of views of trends, in the aesthetic, functional and economical.

Each new collection is therefore characterized by our unique style and design.

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Tope Festival 2015



Please see link for video for the 2015 tope festival, in Luce Bay Scotland.

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You see on forums and in magazines more and more continental rods showing up everywhere, I know first hand about how good these rods are afterall from the first batch of Vercelli rods we got into Gerry’s fishing I fell in love with them.


What’s not too love about them? They have been built to a very good finish, using Fuji rings and fittings, 3 piece constructed (so very easy to transport) , very lightweight, can be used with fixed or multi reels and best of all one of the easiest casting rods on the market.

In fairness though all the continental rods on the market are very easy to cast, over the head can achieve 200y with ease, we have from using these continental rods found braid and a coned reels suit it better with casts of 250y and beyond achievable with the right reel.

There are simply loads of makes to choose from on the market right now, most notable is Vercelli, Colmic, Alcedo, Trabucco and now Sunset who’s slogan is (cast into the Sunset) and again all these makes will give you added yardage, if your currently struggling for distance then look no further than continental.

sunset cast

You have your Zziplex guys and your Century guys but not all of us have the time to learn new casting skills and simply prefer the overhead thump for which suits continental rods, although if you are willing to learn simple casting techniques such as OTG (off the ground) you’re gonna gain even more distance.

I personally have a Vercelli Azzura and Vercelli Alba, these rods are fantastic both costing between £300-£430, however you can now buy one of the Sunset range which start from £119.99 -£319.99 however if you buy a Sunset rod at the moment you get a free sunset reel with the rod, so out of the range which one would you buy?

Well we have the Sunset Demencia retailing at £119.99 with a free reel worth £55, personally I’d say this rod is more suited to your clean beach light work, perfect for flattie fishing, extremely lightweight, sensitive tip, just be careful not to over cast!


Then we have the Sunset Impact Zone this retails at £189.99 again with a free reel but worth £85!! This rod would be ideal for clean/shingle beaches again this rod is lightweight and retains a sensitive bite detection, this is probable the most popular rod mainly to the price, everyone who have bought and used these rods have stated an increase in distance of 30-80y more on there casts.


Then we have the Sunset Hi-Spex and Ocean Peak both retailing at £299.99 again with a free reel worth £100, these rods are suited to clean\mixed ground beaches, if you can stretch the budget then choose one of these not only because they are a better rod but you will have no need for any other rod, the fantastic thing about these rods is although the are stiffer to cope with mixed ground work they still retain a wonderful bite detection.

hi sepxocean peak

Still not sure what too buy? Then why not pop into Gerry’s Fishing have a look at these rods and have a cast with them.

More details can be seen at, these rods are exclusive to Gerry’s at the moment, we also have all the above mentioned continental makes, and given notice should you want to try the amazing Vercelli rods I have in my personal collection give us a ring before serving and I’ll be more than welcome to come in the prom so you can have a cast.

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This year we are running a big open rover match around the Morecambe Bay area. You can basically fish anywhere you want within a 6 hour time limit and is for the single longest fish in each category.

It will be on the 7th September when the Bay produces it best fish and the tide is at 13:19 and 9.45M

There will be 3 categories in a longest fish match and it will be catch and release only. For more info please read the rules below.

The 3 categories are -
Longest Flatfish.  Prizes 1st – 5th (No Rays, these are under the Shark category)
Longest Round Fish. Prizes 1st – 5th (No common, European eel but Congers are accepted)
Longest Shark. Prizes 1st – 3rd (Any Shark speices e.g. Dogfish, Buss Huss, Tope, Rays etc)

The maximum prize money on offer to any 1 entrant will be around £1000 but is depenant on numbers.

Penn points available.

We are hoping for a good turn out and good luck to all who enter.

Please read the following rules -


Match Rules
• Shore only. No coarse or game fish including Salmon, Trout & European eel.
• Entry is £15 per person
• Longest flat fish. Prizes 1st – 5th No species exceptions. Please note, All Rays are Sharks and are not accepted in this category but will be accepted in the Longest Shark category.
• Longest round fish prizes. 1st – 5th Congers are accepted
• Longest shark. Prizes 1st – 3rd. This includes any member of the Shark family. E.g. Dogfish, Bull huss, Tope, Smoothound.
• 6 hour match.
• Booking in at the start and end of the match is at Gerrys of Morecambe.
• Booking in is from 9AM. Once booked in your 6 hour time limited has started. You have to be back and checked in within the 6 hours or you are disqualified. Your return time will be given to you when you check in. IF YOU ARE LATE BACK YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.
• Latest finish time is 4PM regardless if you start After 10AM so don’t be late.
• Please come as early as possible to check in. We will have a lot of people to get through.
• CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY. All fish need to be photographed with –
- the date and time on the camera. (digital camera required)
- The picture needs to be taken in good light and in focus
- On a SAMF registered measure
- With your Match Card in the picture and in focus. (this will be provided when you check in)
• Distance. There are no set distances you can travel to. You can travel as far as you want to but if you’re not back by 4PM you will be disqualified.
(please note. Fishing behind Heysham power station is now a criminal offence. No fish taken from this area will be accepted)
• Penn points available. This is dependent on how many people turn up and will be split evenly across the 3 categories.
• Any bait is permitted
• 1 rod only
• Prizes and prize money. It is dependent on how many people turn up but we expect the maximum available to 1 winner will be around £1000. Please note, not all prizes will be monetary and some will be fishing tackle.


You can confirm you participation to the event by 3 different way -

1. Via Facbook and joining our event Click Here

2. Email with your name and contact number

3. Call Gerrys on 01524 422146 and ask for Sam or Chris

4. Pop in and speak to Sam or Chris

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“I for one am very happy that this ban has now been implemented, I am disappointed however because I can no longer fish for conger fish in these areas for which is down to a very small number of anglers retaining fish from this area. Long term however I believe this is in the best interest of all anglers in the bay” (Sam Hamblett)


The Authority for the North Western Inshore Fisheries and Conservation District in exercise of the powers
conferred by sections 155 and 156 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 makes the following byelaw
for that District.’
In this byelaw the Heysham Bass Nursery Area” means the area defined in respect of Heysham Power
Station in the Schedule to the Bass (Specified Areas) (Prohibition of Fishing) Order 1990, SI 1990 No. 1156
as all tidal waters enclosed by a line drawn 085° true from No. 7 buoy (54° 01.22N, 002° 56.28W) to the
shore, a line drawn 020° true from No. 7 buoy towards the Dolphin (54° 02.40N, 002° 55.52W), and a line
drawn 102° true through the leading lights to Heysham. This joins the following co-ordinates in order:
A – 54
02’ 03N 02
56’ 16W
B – 54
01’ 92N 02
55’ 23W
C – 54
01’ 44N 02
54’ 66W
D – 54
01’ 22N 02
56’ 28W
No person shall fish for any sea fish nor shall have in their possession any article that could be used for
fishing for sea fish in the Heysham Bass Nursery Area or within 10 metres of the shore boundary of the
Heysham Bass Nursery Area unless with the written permission of the Authority.
I hereby certify that the above byelaw was made by the
Authority at their meeting on the 11
day of December 2012
Chief Executive to the North Western Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority
1 Preston Street
Carnforth, Lancashire, LA5 9BY
Chief Executive:
Tel: (01524) 727970 Tel: (01946) 693047
Fax: (01524) 730638 Fax: (01946) 590430
NORTH WESTERN INSHORE FISHERIES AND CONSERVATION AUTHORITY E-mail: Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in exercise of the power conferred by
section 155(4) of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 confirms the Byelaw Byelaw 5 Heysham Bass
Nursery Area Prohibition of Fishing made by the North Western Inshore Fisheries and Conservation
Authority on [date]
A Senior Civil Servant for, and on behalf of, the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Explanatory Note
(This note does not form part of the Byelaw)
The purpose of this Byelaw is to prohibit fishing for sea fish in the area known as the Heysham Bass
Nursery Area.
This byelaw prohibits all fishing, by any means, for sea fish, which includes all round and flat fish which live
in the sea, in the area known as the Heysham Bass Nursery Area and defined in the byelaw.
Map showing the Bass Nursery area at Heysham in Morecambe BayThe North Western Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority and the North Western Inshore Fisheries
and Conservation District are defined in articles 2, 3 and 4 of the North Western Inshore Fisheries and
Conservation Order 2010 (S.I. 2010 No. 2200).

Details can been seen here -

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Well this is my first ever trip Barbel fishing, I had a week booked off work to go and see my dad but I knew i’d have a chance to go fishing so this time was going to take the opportunity,  most of my visits have me playing golf right next to this stretch of the river so this time I thought I’ve got the gear so why not give it a go.

The gear I have decided to bring with me is two SK3 Carp rods and two Shimano ST Baitrunners.

Some XL Preston Method Feeders Mould and Preston Quick Change Beads.

Bait being pellets, bread crumb, hemp and halibut method mix for which I prepared the night before…Hook baits are Halibut pellets and Luncheon meat.

To be used on my hair rigs..

It was now 730am Thursday am, after having a chat with the owner on Wednesday, he had told me the stretch to fish, this stretch runs side by side with the golf course I always play on during my visits to my dads.

Here is a few pics of the stretch I was going to fish…

So I started by getting set up and getting everything the way I wanted it, I was originally going to fish on peg 32 as this  was the hot peg at the moment, well this is what I had been informed of by the owner, but on arrival I just did not feel confident fishing on the peg it did not look right for the conditions so I opted for peg 28 which looked much better and very fishy on arrival.

Got my first rod set up and cast just in front of a over hanging tree and then got my other rod set up,  just as I had finished setting up my 2nd rod I saw a fish top in the center of the river so decided to fish the 2nd rod in the center of the river.

I knew immediately I was in with a chance of catching quickly as I was getting line bites on the 2nd rod as soon as it hit the water, it was now a waiting game, I had to keep my hands in my pocket as I wanted to strike at line bites thankfully I resisted and was rewarded with a hook up after only 30 mins, but what was it….it was the best fight i have ever had but I knew there are Catfish, Carp, Chub and my target fish Barbel in this stretch of water.

After 5 mins I got my first glimpse of the fish at this point a chap from peg 26 came and helped me land the fish, It was my first ever Barbel and I was well chuffed.

As you can see I was delighted to catch the fish weighed 7lb 2oz, I was then shown the best was to put the barbel back in and let it regain its energy, I was very happy that the chap assisted me as I would have just put this wonderful fish back in and possible killed it.

He explained that barbel fight hard and have very little energy left once on the bank so he explained to me put the fish in the net hold the fish facing up stream and await the fish to regain full fitness, the fish lets you know when its ready to go again.

It then went dead no line bites no indication there was any fish about, I stayed till about 1pm and called it a day, out of the 8 people there I was the only one to catch so as you can imagine I was very pleased.

I think next year I am going to do a full nighter and see if the place is better at night, after all its £10 for a 24 hr ticket. So here we go guys. Tips for those who want to go barbel fishing for the very first time.

  • Barbel have very tough mouths and its advised you have some forceps as well as your normal discorger.
  • Barbel are long fish and even those smaller ones like the one I caught, its advised you carry a decent size net for netting the fish.
  • Barbel are hard fighters and once on the bank have no energy so when placing the fish back place in net and put fish back in net hold until fish regains full fitness.
  • Bait up 4 or 5 swims if possible, only spending 15 minutes in each one rotating around the swims.
  • Look for over hanging trees and slower moving water, Barbel tend to stay in cover and duck out to grab food, so the closer you are to the snags the better chance you have of catching.

Fishery Details

Manor Farm Leisure
Anchor Lane,
WR11 8PA

The Warwickshire Avon (100 pegs)

Three prime stretches of the river Avon (approximately half a mile from our caravan site) varying depth and space, just below a spawning site so excellent fishing both early summer and throughout the season. Most seasons see at least 50 double figure barbel , whilst our chub record stands at 6lbs 1oz, caught in 1998. This season has started well with a barbel of 14lb 4oz.

The main section of the Avon was featured in The Angling Times on 20th October 2009 by Martin Bowler with the headline “Britain’s best barbel river?”. It is noted for quality bags of chub, roach and barbel with 40lbs often being topped on good days. The first 34 pegs fish well to the waggler and stick float, with the feeder working well when the fish are feeding on the bottom. The bottom 26 pegs have a little extra depth and fish well on the feeder or stick float. In warm weather the waggler towards the middle works well.

The second section is called the Lock Cut and comprises 20 pegs on the lock arm and 10 pegs on the main river. These pegs fish well all year round, but especially when there is extra water in the river. This section contains a large head of roach, chub and perch, carp to 20lb and a few quality tench. Pole, stick float, waggler and feeder methods all work well on these pegs.

Best baits are maggot or caster on float tackle. When fish start to show, keep feeding little and often. Luncheon meat or worm work well fishing a static bait for big chub and barbel.

The third section is called the Pump House and has 10 pegs. This is situated above Harvington Weir and the water is deep and slow moving. Big bream, roach and chub are all in abundance. Best methods are stick float or feeder.

Cars can be driven right up behind most pegs (unless it’s too wet). A few pegs require a short walk.

River Prices
* Day tickets available on the bank at £8.00.
* Concessions £6.00.
* Juniors £5.00.
* Evening tickets are also £5.00.
* 24 hour tickets are £10.00.

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Well it’s my first boat trip, so more equipment needed yet again.

Ive gone with a 12-20lb class rod (Daiwa Kenzaki) and a Okuma Solterra 10L. Loaded with 30lb power pro Braid .

The rig I will be using is this one thats on the charter boats website

It was a Gerry’s staff day out so to speak with myself, Chris and Gerry… I was really looking forward to it as it was my first boat trip ever.

So first job of the day was sorting out some fresh mackerel bait, so off we set to our first mark..

We had to move about a couple of times until we got on top of the fish..after about 30 mins we had enough mackerel for our days fishing…

We were now ready for our first mark about a mile out, we were fishing on a sand bank in about 160 feet of water.

It was not long until Chris was into his first fish with a screaming run, after a few minutes of playing the fish all of a sudden no weight, the fish had got off a gutted Chris carried on and rebaited, I was next in and for the first time was hanging onto a fish that actually pulled back a bit…after some guidance from the skipper I was soon getting the hang of playing the fish, it took me about 10 mins to land the fish but was so chuffed. It weighed around 27lb’s

Was well chuffed with that, amazing looking fish….rebaits and back in eiger to get another…Then gerry was next in chris said to his dad its your turn so grabbed the rod and straight away we knew it was much bigger it continued to strip line from the reel with rod doubled over double, as Gerry was playing his fish the next rod went it was Chris this time more determined than ever to land this one, could we get a double tope on the boat at the same time? after 10-15 mins of playing the fish both were on safely and straight away you could tell Gerrys was a beautiful fish the male weighing about 45lb’s, Chris also got his on the boat safely and his weighed around 20lb’s.

and a pic of gerrys fish in all its glory

The afternoon contiued to deliver runs but no hook ups apart from me catching a couple of bullhuss’s and gerry landing another tope much smaller than his last but still a great looking fish.

My Bullhuss

Gerrys 2nd Tope

It was now time to move to an inward mark as the flood really started to move and the lead required was too big for our light rods.

This is where we would catch the bigger fish if we could find them.

We had been there about 45 mins before the first run on my rod and it screamed off and for what ever reason as i moved the real to strike mode i must have caught the drag so there was no drag, rod bent over double the fish got away, I was gutted but these things happen, few seconds later Gerrys rod bent over double was it the same fish? we will never know as the fish got away again, grr both of us gutted…there was only a few more runs and most fish got off which was highly annoying, we started getting a few dogs in what now seemed dog city.

Although chris did catch this little crab -

The day ended as follows

Gerry (Biggest Fish)

Chris (Most Fish)

Me (Most Species)

So all of us were very happy, the evening earlier we visited a mark known as flat rock for an hour with our spinning gear just a couple of mackie caught but it was a great location, although the walk back up the cliff was hard work for me.

The Lighthouse, apparently you can stay there for your hols!!

Walking to the mark.

The view from the top of the cliff.

I would like to thank the guys at onyermarks for a great days fishing, ill defo be back later in the year.

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Well here goes,

I have been invited to the Isle of Man to fish a few matches a 3 day match and a 1 day match.

Never fished in a match before well not a proper match, There will be some big names no doupt in attendance, so where does a virgin match angler start?

Well first of all I need to talk with lads who have been before so hopefully, Hutch, Ash, Yilmaz and Simon will help me out here.

I am gonna need rods, reels, new line, new rigs.. but what gear is needed? first of all what will I be fishing over??? Clean ground, rocky mark, Kelp? all questions that need answering!!

So out of the 4 days there will be one day that I will be fishing over rough ground with lots of Kelp thrown in for good measure this will be the manx match.

Here are the dates of the match

Wednesday 16th May, 7-11pm, Point West
Thursday 17th May, 7-11pm, Dogmills.
Friday 18th May, 2-6pm, Manx Match.
Saturday 19th May, 10am – 1pm, Point West

Prize presentation, Saturday from 5pm at Ramsey Rugby Club.

We set off from Heysham on

Wed, 16 May 2012 Depart: 02:15 – Arrive: 05:45.

My first thought is which rod do I treat myself too, well with Hutch’s advice I have bought a Zziplex Dymic LT14.

Need something with a bit of grit for the Manx match, Its not only down to the rod its gonna be down too correct knots and rigs for the duration of the week.

As its a 3 hook 1 rod match Ill be using 3 hooked clipped rigs as I am sure most if not all anglers will be. So what do I need on the rig, what breaking strain snoods and rig body should I use, what size hooks, beads or no beads! Before I can answer these questions I need to know what species Ill have to target in order to have a chance of winning.

Ill leave it there for now but more will be added to this as we get closer to the match.

Coming next.,

Target Fish
Casting lesson
Other equipment needed

So the preparations are well underway now just over a week until I go.

I fished my first match as a way of some preparation report can be view here – Otterspool Prom – First Match, so what fish will I have to target over there to have a chance of doing well?

Well with the much anticipated return of the beloved dogfish you can guess Ill be catching these, now all dogfish are a set length in the match Ill be fishing, suppose it saves time measuring each one, also dependent on the peg I draw depends on the species I target, I may have to target little fish if I cannot get among the dogfish, so if this should happen Ill be targeting whiting.

So what baits will I be using well to target the Dogfish Ill be using Ammo Sandeels, the only other bait I will be taking will be crab, 2 baits easy to take care of and both extremely good baits.

Ill try and put together a video on how to hook sandeel and keep it in top notch condition.

So I’ve had a casting lesson from Hutch, off the ground cast and also a cast where by I can keep the rig off the ground and still cast a good distance, I was expecting it to take a lot of time and effort to gain extra distance but as soon as I had a few practice casts after Hutch’s guidance I was already gaining distance. The hardest part is getting used to the reel being at the bottom of the rod, feels really wierd and is going to be even stranger trying to reel in a treble shot of dogfish on it

So what equipment am I taking well Ill be taking 3 rods with me my LT14, My GRX-s and also a century undecided yet which one. Ill also be taking a Ian Golds Supermatch tripod and a ron thompson beach shelter as well as 4 reels, my beta box and all my other terminal tackle.

Day 1
We set off from Heysham Harbour at about 3am, due to leave at 215am, ferry was running late, 2 hours late but they managed to get the ferry loaded and gone 45 mins later….those drivers can certainly load the lorries extremely quick, some skill involved there.

Anyway, we were soon on our way to the Isle of Man dressed like Smurfs, all wearing a Gerrys Hoodie!!! We arrived on the island at about 7am, think we all managed an hour’s kip, although some less due to a few lads snoring, no names mentioned!

First port of call was grab some milk and tea bags, then we set off to sulby to our accommodation, lovely little cottage 3 bedrooms, 2 doubles and a single that has bunk beds in, the first job to do was decide who was gonna sleep where, after a bit of debate it was decided to draw out of a hat to decide who gets what, anyways Id brought my camp bed for myself but it was decided I should have the same chance as all to draw, so we proceeded with the draw, I ended up drawing a double bed to myself…maybe my luck was in?!!

Next job was to pop to the supermarket and grab some grub, while we were there Yilmaz took a liking to a fleece, a staff fleece…in honesty they look the business, anyways Yilmaz managed to sweet talk the lady behind the checkout to give him one, she said “meet me tomorrow in the carpark at 1030am and you can have my spare one” to be continued.

We then headed back to the accommodation for a sleep, think everyone was shattered, so we all got a few hours in, everyone woke at 3pm and it was time to now get our gear ready and get down the draw for pegs at Ramsey Rugby Club. Everyone was excited to say the least especially myself only my 2nd match so was really looking forward to it. Anyways we all drew our pegs for the 3 days.

Day 1
Myself – Peg 38
Hutch – Peg 66
Simon – Peg 54
Yilmaz – Peg 11
Ashley – Peg 28
Tony – Peg 14
Day 2
Ashley – Peg 44
Yilmaz – Peg 56
Tony – Peg 42
Myself – Peg 23
Hutch – Peg 12
Simon –Peg 6

Day 3
Manx Match
Myself- Peg 39
Hutch – Peg 4
Yilmaz – Peg 13
Ashley – Peg 51
Simon – Peg 29
Tony – Peg 52

Results Day 1 (Points Order)
Ashley – 936cm
Ash finished 4th out of 17 on day 1, again it came down to distance in these matches. The first hour cost ash as those around him were catching early on.

Yilmaz – 624cm
Yilmaz finished 7th out of 17 on day 1, and could have done with a bit more distance during the day to get out to deeper dark water where the doggies stay until darkness.

Simon – 354cm
Simon finished 10th out of 18 on day 1, to many pin whiting cost Simon late on, to many small fish taking the bait before the doggies could get a look in.

Tony – 295cm
Tony finished 12th out of 17 on day 1, again it seemed those early first few hours cost Tony, hard to find fish in the first couple hours.

Sam – 111cm
Sam finished 16th out of 17 on day 1, I struggled to find any fish in the first few hours at this cost me, I did not have enough distance on my cast so could not reach the fish till late on, last hour was very hectic for myself around 32 pin whiting caught treble shot every cast but this was causing issues and could not get and dogs till late on.

Hutch – 51cm
Hutch finished 18th out of 18 on day 1, Hutch had already said he was not looking forward to fishing his peg due to it being a bad end, it proved correct as it was very slow down his end with very little coming out till the last hour, this is when the whiting moved in and hutch managed to get 2 in size whiting as well as losing a few dogs when reeling in..

In summery it was a tough first few hours with only the big hitters getting a few fish early on, casting distances of 200 yds proved to be essential in the first hour. Those who could not cast the required distance struggled early on and were always going to be on the back foot in the last hour.

Tomorrow I am going to try bigger hooks later on to try and stops the smaller pin whiting getting hold of the bait and allow the dogs to get on the bait.

Day 2
Well after a great first day for myself all was to play for in day 2, we all got up at about 11 ish raring to discuss tactics and to bring the happy box out (rig bits box), I seemed the locals were using short snood rigs as in 6-10inch for which seemed to work for the locals so a few of us wanted to give it a go and see what happens, a few hours later and a few rigs made it was time to get the gear loaded.

We set off early around 430pm to get to our pegs, far too early… I was set up and ready to fish with an hour to go before the match, so had a few practise casts, the wind had started to come in around 10mph at the start of the night.

Tonight I fished on dogmills and the night previous had fished really well with highish numbers of dogs being caught.

Baits again were Sandeel and more Sandeel, Dogfish being the target fish…Things again started slow and the fishing in honesty poor, It was not until 2 hrs 30 mins into the match that people started to catch, the odd fish was coming out to my left which would always be the case the lower pegs being in deeper water as the last 15 mins of the night arrived fish started showing to my right with the guy next to saving a blank on final cast with a double shot. My night ended in disaster BLANK.

Day 2

Ashley – Peg 44
Yilmaz – Peg 56
Tony – Peg 42

Myself – Peg 23
Hutch – Peg 12
Simon –Peg 6

Ashley – 264cm
Ashley finished 1st out of 17, ash drew a mid section peg which was always gonna be hard to catch fish, yet everyone else struggled and ash managed to find a few fish that helped him win his section.

Hutch – 248cm
Hutch finished 5th out of 17, hutch had it all to do after faltering on the first day and need to try and make a mense, hutch made headway as the night progressed and was able to get into a few fish on a tough night.

Yilmaz – 110cm
Yilmaz finished 5th out of 17, Yilmaz managed to pull a few fish out late on a doggie and a whiting to finish 5th in his zone on what was a really tough night for all.

Tony – 110cm
Tony finished 12th out of 17, Tony struggled early on to get into the fish and it this zone some fish were caught early on leaving him in 12th, if he had caught another dog he would have finished 5th, just shows how close that zone was.

Simon – 0cm
Simon finished 17th out of 17, Simon had a bad day at the office and struggled to find fish, it’s always difficult when nothing is happening to keep your concentration. Simon blanked on this evening but he was not the only one, several others blanked on the night so he was not alone.

Sam – 0cm
I finished 17th out of 17, I like Simon struggled on the night even with have a good peg failed to get amongst the fish, it’s still just a learning curve and took lots away from the match.

In conclusion it was a day of low scoring fish, it was tough and grim, all anglers on the night struggled to catch many fish with the highest score on the night being 552 when normally it would be double this, again casting ability seems to be key on dogmills as it did on the Vollen.

Day 3

A day I was not looking forward to after the blank yesterday, the morning started by making sure our reels were sorted and our gear ready, this was the manx match a day that usually throws up plenty of fish, a day we should all bag up and most likely lose a lot of gear, we were going to be fishing into kelp.

However to add to the pain we were met by a strong easterly wind, the surf was big and I was not optimistic, I am not the most confident of casters at the best of time and having to cast into the wind and try and get over the main swell was always going to be hard and I had to make a decision early on, I opted for fishing in close. The day really did not start well, setting up on the wrong peg (peg 38) did not help and could have put me in contention for the pink t shirt. Thankfully the guy on peg 38 was sound and just laughed, later on I found out he owns a tackle shop in Douglas nice to meet you mr duke

I got myself into a positive mind frame 5 mins before the match started as i knew everyone else would experience the same issues as myself. It was time for the match to start and I chucked in hoping for an early fish, 15 mins had passed and reeled in to find my bait untouched, and so did most around me, still optimistic I would find the fish I carried on, the lad on peg 40 was the first to bring in a doggie and I was really optimistic now that there were fish in front of me, an hour had passed with still no bites, my head slowly started to go no fish were coming near me and I now knew id be lucky to catch, thankfully the banter was good from pegs 38 and 40 and the time flew by, unfortunately my day ended on a second blank. My first 2 blanks in a row in match fishing and I am sure not the last.

Day 3
Manx Match
Myself- Peg 39
Hutch – Peg 4
Yilmaz – Peg 13
Ashley – Peg 51
Simon – Peg 29
Tony – Peg 52


Hutch – 960cm
Hutch finished 5th out of 17, Hutch had a fantastic peg and had to show us that he did, even when you have the best pegged areas you still need to be on your game and hutch was on his game but so were others in his zone, he finished a very reasonable 5th in his zone.

Ashley – 160cm
Ashley finished 2nd out of 17, Ashley fished the worst possible end of the match due to how shallow the water is there yet managed to find to fish that pushed him into 2nd in his zone, did he win overall though?

Tony – 80cm
Tony finished 6th out of 17, tony was in the high numbers and was not expecting much with the white horses showing in front of him you could see how shallow it was, however this zone was always gonna be close and 1 or 2 fish could win the zone, tony managed to pull a fish out of the bag and finished 6th in his zone.

Yilmaz – 80cm
Yilmaz finished 14th out of 17, Yilmaz was at the wrong end of his zone but was in the right zone to catch fish, Yilmaz pushed hard to catch fish but only managed the 1 but that did save him a blank.

Simon – 0cm
Simon finished 17th out of 17, Simon again struggled on day 3 and his concentration seemed to dip on day 3, simon blanked and as you can imagine was not happy.

Sam – 0cm
Myself finished 17th out of 17, Today was a tough one and my tactic to cast short let me down, to shallow for the dogfish, again needed distance but with lack of confidence in my casting ability it cost me a 2nd blank.

I conclusion day 3 was a tough day with the wind in our face and the surf up its always a challenging one, in hindsight I should have done what I did every other day was cast as far as possible.

I can confirm ash finished 3rd overall, very well done ash…well deserved.

Myself I finished 65 out of 69, for which I was happy with.

Yilmaz was also happy finish just shy of his target of the top 30.

I cannot remember other peoples standing but I think all in all everyone was happy.

In Conclusion

So where to start, well let’s start to basics and stuff I should have done.

Rigs – Although it was a 3 hook match everyone around me seemed to opt for 1 hook at the start and 2 hooks later on, This for me was an issue as I had only made 3 hook clipped rigs, so why were other not fishing 3 hooks, well in reality that’s a simple one to answer DISTANCE.

1 hook clipped early on in the matches helped get further distance to the darker water during daylight giving them a better chance of an early dog and again as the nigh progressed switching onto to a 2 hook clipped or bomber rig allowed extra distance mean a better chance of double doggies in low light conditions.

Lead –Got that right, apart from the final day when I needed extra lead to stand a chance of holding bottom, could have done with 200g leads.
Rods – Again spot on for me, the LT14 is a great rod and once I master a pendulum cast it will work a treat.

Casting – Casting ability is an area I really need to work on, lack of confidence meant I was not putting everything through the rod, I was not able to do an off the ground cast which meant I had no real power in my casts, this is why I need to learn how to pendulum cast. I have 12 months to get better at casting and that’s something I have to work on.

Finally Bait – Bait is crucial and I felt my bait presentation could have been better, this will take time to master and the more I get out fishing the better it will get, key here is to watch other anglers and see their methods for baiting.

I now have 12 months to improve all areas of my fishing and in fairness I am in a very lucky to be working at Gerry’s and fishing alongside some great match anglers, I’ve also just joined Fleetwood and District Angling Club which will also help, £15 for first year then £5 each year after.

I would like to thank ash, hutch, simon, tony and yilmaz for inviting me and would like to thank Ramsey Angling Club for a great week.

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We have agreed with Century for something a little special. We have got a selection of brand new demo rods all built up in the new Fuji KWAG guides available to use.

This allows us to really get to grips with a few of the rods we havent yet used which allows us to give you the correct advice.

More importantly, the rods are available for you the customer to take out and use.
Yes thats right, try before you buy with beach rods.

We will let you take the fishing rods out ‘on loan’ for upto 2 days. Or just an hour while you have a quick cast on the prom round the corner.

If your looking for a new rod please give me a call to arrange your loan completely FOC.

Please call and ask to speak with Chris alternatively pop into the shop :yeah2: :yeah2: :yeah2:

01524 422146

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West End Beach

June 26th, 2012

West end beach is a great stretch for fishing in the summer months and winter months, it’s fished at low water, You can expect to catch

Winter – Whiting, Dogfish, Flounder and the odd Codling

Summer – Plaice, Flounder, Dab, Eels and Bass

At this venue you can get around 60 anglers on it and is probable one of the biggest venues in the area for anglers. However not many anglers fish it due to the distance you need to walk to fish it. It’s personally one of my favourite venues.

Travel light and take as less as poss as its a good trek out.

SAFETY WARNING – Please do not fish low water marks unless you are with someone who knows the beach well, Morecambe’s beaches can be very dangerous and hazardous, see this video for the dangers in the bay - [youtube=]

Flounder Caught 16/03/12

Plaice Caught 16/03/12

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